Semper Utilities contractors are safety focused, reliable, and accountable.
Our services include:

Overhead and Underground Electrical Transmission

Choose Semper Utilities for all of your Electrical Transmission needs!

Here, we offer a full range of services for virtually any transmission project. With transmission line experience throughout our company, Semper Utilities is equipped with the tools needed to handle any project.

Overhead and Underground Electrical Distribution

Semper Utilities offers complete overhead and underground distribution construction & maintenance capabilities. Our keen ability to complete projects safely, while meeting our completion dates, makes us one of the best providers in the industry.

We aim to provide a wide variety of construction and maintenance services for electrical distribution systems.
Our teams of experienced personnel are qualified in all of the latest methods. Each staff member uses their extensive knowledge to uphold our company’s standards.

Semper Utilities is known for safe practices, and exceeding our customers’ expectations for excellence.


Reliability, high level expertise, and engaging service are what we strive for at Semper Utilities in order to properly complete all phases of our substation projects. We offer full substation capabilities and our team approaches every project with the upmost confidence. This allows us to complete all work in a timely manner for our customers.

Electrical Consulting

We have a commitment to our customers here at Semper Utilities.

Our team strives to make every project and consultation as functional and cost-effective as possible. It is always our goal to completely analyze all possible outcomes in order to provide the highest level of service.

Streetlight Project Management & Maintenance

We work tirelessly at Semper Utilities to keep our personnel and customers both safe, and satisfied with the work we complete. We are a dynamic company with highly motivated individuals who can manage any streetlight project.

Our Project Managers will manage all projects safely, and in the most professional manner. They will also lead a group of highly skilled, dedicated, and driven electrical talent in order to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Emergency Assistance/Storm and Electrical Restoration

Call Semper Utilities if you need emergency assistance!

Restoring power after any major storm is a complete job, and we understand that accurate and speedy restoration is required. Our team has skilled workers with the logistical experience needed for emergency projects and situations.

Our highly trained personnel are prepared to rapidly respond to any emergency situation. With constant training exercises, our team is adept to completing jobs with extremely high levels of professionalism and efficiency.

Reliability is of the upmost importance to us at Semper Utilities. Natural disasters occur that cause serious damage to energy grids. Our team will safely, and promptly restore service to our affected customers.

Semper Utilities provides an abundance of services for our customers while ensuring high quality work that focuses on safety, open communication, and efficiency at all levels.